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Katherine Sai Wichmann Zacharias is a licensed insurance agent who assists clients with small group, large group, mortgage, life, health, dental, Cancer, Travel Medical, Short-Term (Temp), Medicare supplement and long-term care insurance. She provides unbiased, personalized financial advice and solutions that enable her clients to achieve their financial goals. Helping people create plans that give them the freedom to focus on what matters most is her goal

"I had the privilege of working with Kathy through corporate work as well as private consulting and have found her to be a fantastic colleague who is accountable, professional, and above all else a pleasure to work with." - Clarke Graves, Carlsbad, CA


"Danka. I would prefer to do business with you, I have always felt that you have had my best interest at heart"- Mike Armstrong, San Diego, CA


"Our very own Katherine Wichmann Zacharias recently helped my pregnant daughter and her husband. She was having issues with her COBRA and so I referred her to Katherine who I had met through EWomen Network. I remembered her describing her extensive experience with COBRA insurance. Well, in this particular case she wasn't able to get them a policy at this time but did refer her to where she could access just what she needed. This was huge for this little family waiting on their first little baby that they have tried for 2 1/2 years to conceive. To help with lowering the financial burden for them is huge for their piece of mind. I will continue to recommend Katherine to others as she really does have their welfare in mind. Thank you Katherine!" Sincerely, Carrie Tomseth


“Kathy was very helpful by walking me through the Life Insurance process. I felt I could trust Kathy and know if something happened to me, my family would be in safe hands. I plan to use Kathy for several other services in the future.” -Marc McGuffin, San Mateo, CA

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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